Johnny and Elvis are brothers who don’t like to share anything. Absolutely NOTHING!
One day they will get a mysterious box and in it an unusual cat that will teach them something about sharing.

What readers are saying about this book:

"My kindergarten students absolutely enjoyed this story. We got so much out of this book, from the importance of sharing to learning to work together." - Miss Ridz

"Great moral story about sharing with compassion thrown in it, when one brother feels bad for the other brother. Cute illustrations!” - Teresa

"Very impressively drawn and the story is quite touching, really transported me to my childhood when I was quarrelling with my siblings over things." - Florian

About the author

Daniel Georges creates picture books that resonate with his understanding of the complexity of growing up. His quirky series MY CRAZY STORIES supports young readers in developing a deeper emotional awareness and self-confidence. His books are enjoyed by more than 65,000 kids around the world and received the Purple Dragonfly Award for excellence in children's literature.

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